JAZZTIMES – JAN 1996 (Condensed)

As You Wish¬†takes keyboardist Alphonse Mouzon in some new directions, varying from past “synthesizer bonanza” efforts. Writer and producer Mouzon finds a balance here between acoustic sounds and synth effects, creating some warm melodies in the process. Much of this is due to the give and take between Mouzon and the album’s other key voice, saxophonist Gary Meek. Meek, a presence on all but two of the album’s 12 tracks, contributes gently snaking soprano lines on cuts like “Thinking of You” and “Obsession”. Mouzon likewise gets into the warmer tones, with some of his best instrumental work coming on acoustic piano (the tight-cornered boogie “Sure Nuff” is a good example). As You Wish proves an eventful departure for Mouzon and his cast of sounds.

L.A. JAZZ SCENE – MAY 1990 (Condensed)

Although multi-instrumentalist and composer Alphonse Mouzon tries to give this very pleasant pop-jazz release a group flavor, you can’t help but notice that he’s doing everything but washing the dishes on every track. And doing it very well.

Though superb sax man Gary Meek gets to carry a lot of Mouzon’s sweet and breezy melodies with his alto and soprano, keyboardist Joachim Becker and electric bassist Michael Schurmann hardly appear on the first half of the album. They (and especially Becker, who’s a master soloist) do some nice turns on the later tracks, but Mouzon still gets credit for Sonor drums, digital percussion, brass, strings, bass, keyboards, etc. He textures everything well, favoring breeziness over his usually overpowering sense of funk.

Meek helps to bring out the romance on tunes like “Thinking of You” and “Obsession,” but tracks like “Poobli” and the Spanish flavored “I Remember Spain” show more punch and are ultimately the most enjoyable.


Underrated “Multi-sax” ace Gary Meek turns Alphonse Mouzon’s supreme happy jazz extravaganza “As You Wish” into a compelling listen. A brilliant drummer, Mouzon hits the mark best when playing live skins (hear an earful on the lengthy solo “Give the Drummer Some”). He should be given credit for creative electronic work, however, especially on the atmospheric Latin-tinged closer, “I Remember Spain.”

LA PRENSA de Los Angeles – SEPT 14-20, 1995 (IN SPANISH)

Una vez mas, Mouzon, tocando bateria, piano y guitarra buelve a brindar uno de sus clasicos discos. Contando con el apoyo sobresaliente de Gary Meek en sazo tenor, soprano, alto y flauta, Mouzon le imprime a sus melodicas composiciones un ritmo balanceado, suave y atractivo, logrando un disco de pareja calidad musical. Son de destacar los temas: “Thinking of You”, “If Tomorrow Comes”, y “I Remember Spain” y el que da titulo al album.


“AS YOU WISH” – ein Werk dem Jahr 1989. Enthalten sind zwolf Songs, die vor Vitalitat und Einfallsreichtum nur so strotzen. Alphonse spielt wieder fast alles allein, bloss am Saxophon, am Keyboard und am Bass holt er sich hin und wieder etwas Verstarkung. Und endlich auch mal wieder ein saftiges Drum-Sol zu horen. Auf “Give The Drummer Some” fackelt der Virtuose eines seiner beruhmt-beruchtigten Solos ab. Vielleicht die schonste Nummer, das getragene “Thinking of You” – cremiger Jazz.

Author: tenaciousrecords